Ukrzaliznytsia boosts freight handling by 3.1% since year's start

The railways of Ukraine handled 24.6 million tonnes of freight from January 1-28, which was 3.1% up year-over-year.

Coal loads on trains rose by 12.7%, to 7.2 million tonnes, those of grain were up by 25.5%, to 2.3 million tonnes, metal by 7%, to 2.4 million tonnes, cement by 18.6%, to 170,600 tonnes, and timber by 21.6%, to 323,000 tonnes.

Flour loads grew by 0.9%, to 34,000 tonnes, those of flux materials by 1.1%, to 1 million tonnes, and ore by 1.4%, to 5.6 million tonnes.

At the same time, the handling of crude oil freights fell by 19.1%, to 292,000 tonnes, that of construction materials by 4.6%, to 1.6 million tonnes, and that of coke by 8.3%, to 788,000 tonnes.

The best freight handling performance was shown by Donetsk Railways: it boosted freight handling by 8.3%, to 9.8 million tonnes of freight.