Ukrzaliznytsia removing snow 24 hours a day

The State Railway Administration of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia) has organized the 24 hours removal of snow from tracks and railway infrastructure facilities due to the bad weather and to fight the formation of ice on the overhead electrical system.

Over the past 24 hours 13 snow removing cars have been operating. The cars performed 27 trips and removed 9,450 cubic meters of snow.

A total of 57 approaching tracks at stations and 6,325 railways points were cleared of snow. A total of 6,662 workers were involved.

According to the Ukrainian Weather Center, over the past 24 hours a lot of snow has been falling on the territory of Pivdenno-Zakhidna railways. Near the Zhmerynka station the blanket of snow was 19 centimeters, in Khmelnytsky and Chernihiv – 17 centimeters, Olevsk – 18 centimeters, Ovruch – 16 centimeters. On the territory of Odesa railways, in Voznesensk the blanket of snow was 16 centimeters.

The chief tracks department reported, snow-removing machines worked at the stations of Koziatyn, Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, Khmelnytsky of Pivdenno-Zakhidna railways, Osnova, Maksymivka, Liubotyn, Kupyansk-Sortyvalna of Pivdenna railways and Vapniarka station of Odesa railways.

Snow is being removed 24 hours a day. Railway workers are taking all possible measures to ensure the stable and safe transportation of passengers and cargo.

In addition, a continuous fight against ice formation on the overhead electricity systems has been organized at Ukrainian railways. Over the past 24 hours special machinery removed ice on the sections where ice has formed.

A total of 124 units of snow removing machinery, 105 units of snow collection machinery and 218 machines to remove ice have been prepared by Ukrzaliznytsia for operations in winter.