Ukrzaliznytsia denies reports of poor service of Hyundai trains

State Railways Administration of Ukraine Ukrzaliznytsia has denied reports in some mass media about the poor service of trains produced by Korea's Hyundai Rotem.

Under the contract between state enterprise Ukrainian High-Speed Railway Company and Hyundai Corporation, ten Hyundai trains acquired in 2012 will be serviced by Korean specialists until November 2017.

Under the contract, Hyundai Rotem maintains and repairs trains according to the regulations established by the manufacturer. The company specialists, prior to departing trains to trips, formalize a check-list of quality of the work performed for each of the trains with the guarantee of safe running. The Ukrainian High-Speed Railway Company, in turn, provides locomotive and train crews for operating electric trains, cleaning wagons, maintaining proper sanitary condition and food service jointly with catering and cleaning companies.

The agency said that the state of Ukraine's railway infrastructure meets the requirements of technical operation, as evidenced by regular checks.

This is also confirmed by the safe operation of trains formed in European countries and the CIS states, as well as trains formed by Ukrzaliznytsia, in particular the rolling stock of Czech-based Skoda Vagonka.