Ukrzaliznytsia to repair 20 stations, 43 platforms in 2014

The State Railway Administration of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia) plans to reconstruct nine stations, overhaul 11 stations and modernize 43 passenger platforms in 2014, which is aimed at improving services for passengers.

Railway stations of Rubizhne, Horlivka and Brusyne of Donetsk railways, Berdychiv, Starokostiantyniv-2, Serbynivtsi and Konotop of Pivdenno-Zakhidna railways, Romodan of Pivdenna railways and Uman of Odesa railways will be reconstructed.

Constructors will install hipped roofs, replace windows and doors, reconstruct facades and decorate the interiors of the stations of Rubizhne and Horlivka. The roof will be replaced at Brusyne station. Workers will also reconstruct roofs and facades, develop adjacent territories and decorate the interiors of the stations of Berdychiv and Starokostiantyniv-2. Last year constructors repaired the roof at Serbynivtsi station, and this year the facade will be modernized and the interior of the building will be decorated. The roof and facade of the Konotop suburban station will be reconstructed.

Reconstruction of the roof and facade will be finished at Uman station and the roof will be replaced at Romodan station. According to calculations, the total cost of the work amounts to over UAH 7 million.

In addition, nearly UAH 5 million will be allocated for the overhaul of internal premises, facades and roofs at 11 stations this year. Repairs will be conducted at the stations of Mykytivka, Popasna, Roya, Skotovata and Kryvy Torets of Donetsk railways, Kryzhopil, Kirovohrad, Ziatkivtsi and Kuchurhan of Odesa railways, and Horbaschy and Olevsk of Pivdenno-Zakhidna railways.

According to the preliminary plans, construction and assembly divisions will repair 43 passenger platforms in 2014. Last year 105 passenger platforms were repaired.

A total of 125 railway stations operate on the territory of Ukrainian railways, including 19 stations of no tier, 12 first-class stations, 36 second-class stations and 58 third-class stations.