Ukrzaliznytsia gets 13,000 railway workers to remove snow

The State Administration of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia) over the past 24 hours employed 13,000 railway workers in clearing snow from track.

Snow and snowstorms were seen on the territories of Donetsk, Pivdenna, Pivdenno-Zakhidna, Lviv and Odesa railways over the past 24 hours. Rain on the territory of Prydniprovska railway has switched to snow.

The deepest blanket of snow was seen at Volnovakha station (37 centimeters), Amvrosiyivka (33 centimeters) of Donetsk railways, Zhmerynka (30 centimeters) of Pivdenno-Zakhidna railways, Piatykhatky (30 centimeters) of Prydniprovska railways, Pomoshna (32 centimeters) and Znamianka (30 centimeters) of Odesa railways.

Bad weather has hit the territory of Donetsk railways, in particular, on the sections heading to Illovaisk and Mariupol there are strong winds of up to 20 meters per second, and up to 25 meters per second on the Azov Sea territory. Snowdrifts that several times exceed the depth of the blanket of snow have formed there.

According to tentative data from the chief track department of Ukrzaliznytsia, over the past 24 hours 112 snow removing track machines and two snow removing trains were operating on Ukrainian railways. Special-purpose machinery removed over 70,000 cubic meters of snow from tracks. Snow was removed from a total of 446 approaching roads at stations and 26,774 switches.

Railways continue fighting snow deposits and slush built-ups on power supply equipment. According to the chief electrification and power supply department of Ukrzaliznytsia, over the past 24 hours special-purpose machinery worked to remove ice (six machines) and schemes of smelting ice were used. A total of 40 power engineering specialists were involved in the work.