Prydniprovska railways carrying cargo to Crimea and back without interruption

Cargo handling on Prydniprovska Railways, including that on the territory of Crimea (there and back), is carried out consistently, without interruption.

On March 13 the freight stations of the Crimean railways directorate (Simferopol-Vantazhny, Mekenziyevy Hory, Yevpatoria-Vantazhna, Inkerman, Krasnoperekopsk, etc.) for transportation to the CIS countries loaded 12,514 tonnes of various goods, specifically construction materials, fluxes, industrial raw materials, ferrous metal scrap, etc.

The CIS railway stations shipped 24,381 tonnes of cargo, including oil and fuel, construction materials and food, timber, etc. to the freight stations of the Crimean directorate (including the port stations of Kerch, Aivazovska, Mekenziyevy Hory, Feodosia, Kamyshova Bukhta).

Prydniprovska Railways is providing shippers with rolling stock in full, as well as taking care of the safety of the goods transported.