Ukrzaliznytsia sees 3% decline in freight transportation in 2013

The railways of Ukraine in 2013 saw a 3% decline in freight transportation from 2012, to 443.6 million tonnes.

Coal was the major type of freight transported by rail: coal shipments in 2013 totaled 118.8 million tonnes.

The railways also transported iron and manganese ores (88.2 million tonnes), ferrous metals (33.8 million tonnes), crude oil and fuel (23.2 million tonnes), and grain, cereals and flour (23.2 million tonnes).

Domestic freight shipments by rail declined by 4.3% in 2013 from 2012, to 229.1 million tonnes.

Last year Ukraine handled 34.9 million tonnes of imported freight, which was 0.5% down from 2012.

Only freight shipments for export showed an increase – they grew by 3.2%, to 145.5 million tonnes.

Transit supplies last year totaled 34 million tonnes, which was 18.8% down from 2012.

Ukrzaliznytsia earlier projected a 3.4% decline in freight transportation in 2013 compared to 2012, to 441.9 million tonnes.

In 2014, Ukrzaliznytsia plans to boost freight transportation by 1.2% from 2013, to 447.006 million tonnes.

Freight traffic in 2014 is expected to grow by 0.9%, to 226.012 billion tkm. Transit freight traffic alone is to increase by 0.7%, to 33. 475 billion tkm. Imported freight traffic is to grow by 4.1%, to 18.576 billion tkm, while traffic of cargo for export is expected to decline by 1.2%, to 93.188 billion tkm.

In 2014, domestic freight transportation is projected to grow by 1%, freight shipments for export are to increase by 1.5% and for import by 1%, which will meet demand of Ukraine's economy at the expense of local raw materials shipments. Transit supplies are to grow by a mere 0.7% amid the active development of Russian ports and port-side facilities designed for freight exports, which considerably reduces the growth potential for transit shipments.