Ukrzaliznytsia will carry your luggage Ukrzaliznytsia is introducing a new service for passengers

Now there is a possibility to carry the hand baggage to and from the train. Starting from February 3 this service will be available in 3 trains in a pilot mode. Thus, the service will be introduced at Kyiv Passazhyrskyi, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv Passazhyrskyi railway stations and in trains No 79/80 Dnipro-Kyiv-Dnipro, No. 92/91 Lviv-Kyiv-Lviv, No. 63/64 Kharkiv-Kyiv-Kharkiv.

“Ukrainian Railways is making another step to upgrade the service for our clients. Undoubtedly, everyone can use the service, but particularly it will be quite convenient for families with kids, elderly people travelling alone and, especially, for disabled people,” opines member of the Management Board Marcin Celejewski.

Passengers will be offered to have their hand baggage carried to the station or to the door (an address delivery). If you order the address delivery, the courier himself will collect your baggage and deliver it to the destination address. The cost of the service will be UAH 200 (from the station and to the station) and 350 (the delivery from door to door). The service is provided upon the passenger’s request provided that he has a travel document and travels from the station of departure to the final station of the train arrival. Hand luggage of passengers up to 36 kg inclusive is accepted for transportation. For reference: You can address an administrator on duty about the location of the reception points. The service can also be ordered by phone numbers:  In Kyiv - (044) 465 20 52, In Lviv - (032) 226 20 59, In Kharkiv - (057) 724 39 85, In Dnipro - (056) 793 52 96