“Ukrainian Railways transported a record amount of grain – almost 4 mln of tons,” Andrii Riazantsev

In October 2019 Ukrainian Railways transported the record quantity of grain – 3.97 million of tons. “In October we unloaded 60.4 thousand of grain hoppers while 3.8 million of tons were carried. This positive result was achieved first of all due to the routing of grain transportation. It is obviously a good step to optimize the logistics and provide freight operators with maximum quantity of grain carriage. 


Development of schedule routes transportation the company will further contribute to raising the quality of grain carriage. Now it is possible to transport 4 mln tons of grain in average and even more. Nevertheless, for this amount UZ needs to improve the infrastructure and increase the quantity of grain silo. All shareholders should work on the above assignments together.

In general, in January-October 2019 the company carried 32.8 mln of grain freight that is 6 mln tons more than last year.