During the conference call Ivan Yuryk told investors about the Company’s key performance indicators and future plans

JSC ‘Ukrainian railways’ held another conference call with leading investors of the international capital market. Ivan Yuryk, Member of the Management Board of JSC ‘Ukrainian railways’, presented to the investors the Company’s performance outputs for 6 months and development priority goals to be reached by the end of 2019 and within the next 5 years.

Ivan Yuryk reported that in the first half of 2019 the Company’s profit was UAH 1.1 bn, which is double the amount for same period of last year. EBITDA amounted to UAH 7.5 bn, which is by 6% more than in the first half of 2018.

Revenues of JSC ‘Ukrainian railways’ were UAH 44.2 bn that is by 11% more than in the first half-year period of the last year. Operating expenses grew by less than 7%.

The largest share (92%) in revenues composition gained from products sale has freight and passenger transportation revenues amounting to UAH 40.5 bn.

In addition, Ivan Yuryk noted that the Company's debt portfolio has been reduced by almost UAH 1 bn and its structure has been improved. Therefore, the Company’s liquidity remains stable, which gives investors confidence in the fulfillment by JSC ‘Ukrainian railways’ of its financial obligations.

According to the information provided by Ivan Yuryk, evidence for improvement of liquidity and financial stability of JSC ‘Ukrainian railways’ is the recent increase of the Company’s credit ratings by the leading international credit agencies: Fitch Ratings – up to the ‘B’ level with positive outlook and S & P – up to the ‘B’ level with stable outlook.

‘Earned investors’ confidence requires a continuation of dialogue to be held on a regular basis that begun two years ago, so we continue to make regular conference calls with investors in order to explain the predictability of ongoing processes in the Company,’ Ivan Yuryk said.

Ivan Yuryk also told investors about the key ways of further development of JSC ‘Ukrainian railways’, in particular regarding the planned restructuring of the Company and preparation for a new transportation market model. ‘The key tasks of JSC ‘Ukrainian railways’ are to meet the needs and expectations in the field of passenger and freight transportation, in particular to ensure liberalization of the transportation market as well as to increase efficiency, profitability and financial stability,’ he summarized.

The conference call with international investors was held with the participation and support of the leading investment company Dragon Capital.

The presentation on the performance outputs of JSC ‘Ukrainian railways’ in the first half of 2019 published on this website.