JSC "Ukrainian Railways" publishes its consolidated financial statements for 2018 and will hold conference call with investors on May 7th (at 17.00 Kyiv time), - Yevhen Kravtsov

Financial statements for 2018 has been published on the official website of the company. Net profit was at 203.9 million UAH in 2018, 78% increase to previous year, and was confirmed by audit firm Ernst&Young.

Company’s assets in 2018 grew by 1.1 billion UAH due to the increase in the value of fixed assets. In particular, capital investments and overhauls of fixed assets amounted to UAH 16,913 million (by own funds - UAH 14 861 million, by borrowed funds - UAH 320 million and funds of investors - UAH 40 million), which is 6 billion more than in 2017.

According to the results of 2018, net revenues of Ukrzaliznytsia amounted to 83 402 million UAH, which is 13% more compared with 2017. The major share (91%) of these revenues generated by providing key freight and passenger transportation service, that amounts to almost 76 billion UAH. In 2018, EBITDA amounted to UAH 16 billion with margin of 19.2%.

According to Yevhen Kravtsov, CEO of Ukrzaliznytsya, company’s positive profitability in 2018 confirms that the company has reached another stage of its stabilization and aims to strengthen further the trend of improving its financial and economic stance.
In addition, Ukrzaliznytsia management continues open dialogue with the company's investors and other financial market participants. CEO of JSC "Ukrainian Railways" Mr. Yevhen Kravtsov, Member of the Supervisory Board Mr. Ivan Yuryk and Finance Director Mr. Andriy Ryazantsev will hold investor conference call on the results of the 2018 at 17.00 Kyiv time on 7th of May.

The conference call will be held with international investors with the participation and support of the leading financial company Dragon Capital.
This event is continuation of building partnership with investors, evidence of company’s transparency, and an opportunity for objective assessments and discussion on perspectives of company’s future development.

Contact: Yuriy Gavrilyuk - JSC «Ukrainian Railways» (, Andrey Bespyatov - Dragon Capital (
Please note, Company’s 2018 audit report confirmed by Ernst & Young has been published at its official web-site today.