Donetsk Railways sees two times fall in coal shipment in Jan-July

Donetsk railways halved coal shipment in January-July 2014, from 30.5 million tonnes to 15.7 million tonnes.

Due to the destroyed infrastructure in Donbas today, the key freight-loading stations are not loading coal. Before the autumn-winter heating season Donetsk railways has an acute issue of sending cargos, especially coal to the fuel and energy companies of Ukraine.

Due to armed hostilities in the eastern part of Ukraine there is no possibility of sending freight wagons from over 50 key freight stations.

Cargo shipments in Luhansk region have almost stopped, the main western route Donetsk-Krasnoarmiysk-Chaplyne, where around 70% of the cargo of one of the largest hubs in the CIS and Baltic countries and the largest in Ukraine – Yasynuvata railway hub – is sent, is not being serviced.

Over the past several months a stable downward trend for transportation. In June 2014, 2.1 million tonnes of coal was shipped to energy companies, 1.9 million tonnes in July and 400,000 tonnes in 17 days of August. For comparison, in June 2013 the indicator was 2 million tonnes, in July – 2.3 million tonnes and 17 days of August – 2.5 million tonnes.