Lviv Railways denies accusations it delayed coal transportation

The Lviv Railways has denied media reports citing the head of the coalminers' independent trade union Mykhailo Volynets, who claims that delays in coal transportation from mines in the Lviv-Volyn coal basin are caused by the company's failure to provide freight cars.

Lviv Railways categorically denies these allegations, as it on time daily, and fully meets freight senders' applications for freight cars, handles loading and the transportation of coal.

In particular, from December 1 to December 23, 2014, the Lviv Railways provided 2,671 freight cars for coal transportation, of which only 1,860 cars were used.

It is worth noting that there are frequent situations when senders book more freight cars than they use, as they don't have enough freight to transport. Therefore, railways employees work with commercial customers on a daily basis to ensure the efficient use of every single freight car.