Within the framework of preparation for Euro 2012, in 2011, 7.3 billion UAH is planned to be allocated.

One of the main objectives in prepa­ration of the railway transport for Euro 2012 is to separate passenger and freight traffics on different destination lines.

Comprehensive modernization of the railway section in direction 'Poltava-Burty-Koristovka'.

Create a high-speed passenger corridor Iviv-Kyiv-Poltava-Kharkiv-Donetsk' and launch the modern inter-Oblastal day-trains, which greatly reduce travel time between major championship cities.

Create multi-functional train station complexes in Kyiv and Donetsk, allowing to provide passengers with additional related services besides the transportation ones, making them possible through construction of ho­tels, parking zones, entertainment centers, etc.

Within the preparation for Euro 2012, there were contracts signed for the purchase of:

  • 10 interOblastal trains manufac­tured by "Hyundai Rotem" (South Korea) with the delivery of 6 units by June 2012 and 4 units by the end of 2012;
  • 2 two-storey inter-Oblastal trains of JSC "Skoda Wagonka" (Czech Re­public), to be delivered by June 2012;
  • 2 inter-Oblastal train locomotives produced by JSC "Kryukovskyi Car Building Plant" (Ukraine) to be deli­vered by the end of 2011.