SE "The Main information center of Ukrainian Railways"

Address 01030, Kyiv, I.Franka str., 21
Phone: +380(44) 465-09-39
Fax: +380(44) 465-09-79
Director Volodymyr S. Murzin

The Main information center of Ukrainian Railways was founded in 1993 to coordinate development, deployment and maintanance of miscellaneous automated systems for cargo and passanger transportation as well as commercial work.

The Main information center is at the hub of a network of didicated fiber optic communication lines which interconnect the six ukrainian railroads. It is also connected to railroad operators of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Baltic states and some countries of Central Europe.

Volodymyr S. Murzin has been the Director of the Center since May 2000. Now the staff of the Center consists of almost 400 highly educated and experienced professionals in different areas of the information technology.