The Ukrainian government has amended the procedure for servicing citizens with railway transport, under which last names will be indicated on tickets when they are bought at ticket offices.

According to cabinet resolution No. 160 of March 6, 2013, tickets by people without benefits and tickets for children, including in the electronic form, are bought with indicating on the tickets last names given by those who buy the tickets.

When tickets are bought using mobile communications, Internet, outdoor payment terminals, etc, first and last names of the persons who will use the tickets will be indicated by the persons who pay for the tickets.

Last names are not indicated on tickets (apart from tickets that will be used by people granted with benefits and free tickets) for regional and suburban trains. According to the document, ID documents are presented when passengers board the train.

The following ID documents can be used: passport of a Ukrainian citizen, a passport of a Ukrainian citizen for trips abroad, diplomatic passport of Ukraine, business passport of Ukraine, sailor's ID, crew member ID, ID for returning to Ukraine, temporary ID of a Ukrainian citizen, driver's licenses, ID for people without citizenship for trips abroad, ID of a person who is to be additionally protected, travel document for trips abroad of a person who is declared refugee and a person who is to be additionally protected, certificate on the application for protection in Ukraine, permanent residence document, migrant card, refugee ID, travel document of a refugee, passport of a foreigner and a person without citizenship.

The ID documents are to be presented only when boarding trains. Also passengers have to present ID documents when they return tickets.

A mistake of no more than three letters in the name and last name of the passenger is acceptable.


As reported in November 2012, referring to then Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov that it was planned to introduce railway tickets indicating last names from January 1, 2013, although the process was postponed.

The Ukrainian government in 2007 canceled the sale of railway tickets with presenting ID documents and indicating last names on the tickets.